2D / 3D Animation

An introduction to character animation by Michael Banks

The following videos are an overview of lessons I currently teach at SAE in Sydney Australia.

2D Animation

Introducing Adobe Photoshop's built-in animation toolset.

Character Mesh (particle effect)

A neat little tutorial created in Maya using nCloth and dynamics.

12 Principles of Animation

Animated reference videos showcasing the "12 Principles of Animation".

KeyFrame MP (Maya Plugin)

Keyframe-MP a brilliant animation tool for anyone wishing to generate fast clean poses.

FK/IK Rigging in Maya

An Introducion to Rigging (more in the rigging pages).

Apply a Wrap Deformer to a Flow Curve.

A quick playblast showcasing a flow curve.

MASH Tutorial .

A quick tutorial in which we generate a Logo design using MAya's "mash system" .

Maya's Graph Editor ( an Introduction ) .

Lift your animation skills to the next level with these graph editor tips & tricks.

Maya's Human IK ( an Introduction ).

Let's animate using the HIK system (Human IK) plus load some Mo-Cap.

The applications I use throughout the development process can be found via the links provided above.
Check out the "Showcase" section to view some of my past students projects.