Games Development

Tutorial videos on games I've developed using Unity 2018.

I plan to incoporate more video content here shortly.

Game Dev Blog

The following game development videos highlight areas in which I'm currently honing my interactive gaming skills.

Unity Game Development

A side scrolling game developed in Unity 2018 and Maya.

Mo-Cap Example in Unity

Motion Capture using Perception Neuron. A quick GPU/CPU test. Iron Man character imported into the game engine and body suit tracking applied to the rig..

Dynamic Race Track

I created this fun race car track in Unity 2018 that can be adjusted duing run-time.

Voxel Based VR Gaming

Terraforming - Drill down through the planet to discover artifacts. (dual screen for Virtual reality headsets.)

VR Experience - Rag Doll testing

Students built several 80s inspired VR Environments with loads of interactive assets.

Maya to Unity workflow .

Let's import a 3D character with motion capture applied into the Unity gaming engine.

Unity's "Cinemachine" in action

Let's make use of Unity's Post Processing filters to add DOF(depth of field) colour correction , vignettes and more.

Maya to Unity with deformers applied

Let's import a character animation with several deformers applied to the mesh & clothing.

A.R demo - an interactive 3D character.

On location in London's Earl's Court (Toy Expo.) A protoype design for a Japanese toy company.

May to Unity workflow

PBR workflow - sending a 3D character from Maya to Substance Painter and then into

The applications I use throughout the development process can be found via the links provided above.
Check out the "Showcase" menu section of this web site if you to view some of my past students projects.

More to come

More Unity game tutorials to this page in coming weeks.

Latest Game Dev.

I'm busy creating a VR film Studio in Unity 2018
Take a look in the VR section to view my progress. (28/04/19)


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