3D Characters & Environments

Want to get up and running with 3d character design and animation quickly whilst having a little fun.. then you've come to the right place. 3D Modeling is used in a wide range of fields, including engineering, entertainment design, film, visual effects, game development, and commercial advertising.

3D Asset Development

The following video tutorials are designed to take you step by step thrugh the process from basics to advaced techniques used within today's industry.

The Modeling ToolKit

Introducing Maya's Modeling toolset.

3D Character Modeling (the basics )

A neat little tutorial created in Maya using box modeling.

3D Modeling tips and tricks

" Its all about clean topology " (that's what the experts will say).

Aligning Objects .

Learn to align assets perfectly every time with this intuitive little tool.

FK / IK Rigging in Maya

An Introducion to Rigging (more in the rigging pages).

Another FK / IK tutorial

This tutorial shows an easy to set up arm that incoporates a simple FK/IK switch.

The applications I use throughout the development process can be found via the links provided above.
Check out the "Showcase" menu section of this web site if you to view some of my past students projects.

More to come

I plan to add tutorials for both Mudbox and Z-Brush shortly.
This site is an ongoing project...things are just hotting up.


I plan in coming weeks to add more modeling tutorials such as Mudbox and Z-Brush.


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