Lighting & Rendering

basics to advanced rendering lessons and lighting by Michael Banks

Arnold Rendering

The following videos are an overview of the Rendering process.

Arnold Lighting and Rendering Tutorial

Introducing Arnold's volume lights and rendering system.

Render Passes in Maya 2017

Worth watching - this tutorial's workflow is great.

Render Passes in Maya 2018

Setting up render layers ready for compositing in Nuke or After Effects.

Render Passes in Maya 2018 (alterative method)

I like how in this method I use absolute overrides for turning assets on and off and shadows

How to Render your final movie.

Render out an image sequence in Maya & import into After Effects .

Maya's Reference Editor in action

Best you learn to reference. Want to work in the industry.. yes ? then best you start referencing.. not simply importing assets.

The applications I use throughout the development process can be found via the links provided above.
Check out the "Showcase" menu section of this web site if you to view some of my past students projects.

More to come

This page is an being updated weekly. I'm taking requests...

If you have a particular tutorial you'd like to see, let me know & I'll try my best to get it uploaded within the week.


I plan in coming weeks to add more reactive experimeantal tracks to this page. If you have any thoughts or perhaps would like to collaborate on a track, simply message me.


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