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An introduction to 3D Character Rigging Techniques by Michael Banks

Let's Rig

The following video series are an overview to more advanced topics I currently teach at SAE media institute  (Sydney Campus, Australia).

Custom Rigging a Character's Foot

Introducing Maya's Custom Rigging system.

Let's custom Rig the Arms and Hands

Follow the "Rigging fingers with Control Maker" (bottom video) for a more refined finger setup.

Spine Setup

This time around we rig the character spine using Splines and Clusters.

Skin Weighting a Character Mesh

Let's add skin weights to attach the skin to the joint heirachy.

Rigging TIPS:

Joint placement and setting the preferred angle + elbow and wrist controls / .

Maya's "Bonus Tools" Rig Setup

A simple alternative method to custom charcter rigging.

Rigging with Maya's Human IK System (HIK)

The easy alternative to custom rigging.

Rigging the Eyes & Jaw

This tutorial shows an easy to set up eye and jaw rig.

Facial Blend Shapes

Let's add Eye blinks and facial gestures.

Rigging the fingers using Control Maker

This tutorial shows an alternative method for rigging fingers ( HIGHEND 3D for the script).

Face Controls to drive BlendShapes

Let's create face controls that will drive each blendshape.

Rigging a Character's Tail

Let's Rig the tail (two methods).

Rigging a Character's Tail

Let's Rig the tail (two methods).

FK / IK Rigging in Maya

An Introducion to Rigging (more in the rigging pages).

Stretchy Limbs tutorial

This tutorial shows an easy to set up stretching of joints using IK handle and Bonus Tools .

Character Facial Rigging (secondary controls)

This tutorial shows an easy to set up face control system that incoporates clusters.

Rigging a Quaduped

This tutorial teaches you an easy to set up system for a quadruped's leg.

Maya Muscle - Muscle Creator (Part 1).

A quick way to setup a character muscle system using "muscle creator" in part 2 I go over "muscle builder".

Character Skin Tugging (around the eye)

This tutorial shows an easy to set up eye effect on the skin that incoporates clusters.

Winged Character Rig System

Alpha build - Developed this system for students to incoprorate into thier animation projects.

Unity Animation Rigging (run time constraints )

An example of Unity 2019's run time "Animation Rigging"package.

Maya to Unity workflow

Maya to Substance Painter and then into Unity.

Rigging an Oval Shaped Eye Ball

An efficient method used whereby the character's pupil slides over the eye ball surface.

The Wire Deformer

Generate a dynamic tank track or deform a character's eye brow using a "Wire Deformer".

The applications I use throughout the development process can be found via the links provided above.
Check out the "Showcase" section of to view some of my past students projects.

More to come

I plan in coming weeks to add a playlist of advanced rigging videos to this page. If you have any requests feel free to message me.
This page is an ongoing project...things are just hotting up.


I plan in coming weeks to add more reactive experimeantal tracks to this page. If you have any thoughts or perhaps would like to collaborate on a track, simply message me.


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