UV Mapping , Texturing & Hair

Texturing tips & tricks by Michael Banks

UV Mapping in Maya

The following videos include UV-Mapping / Mudbox, Substance Painter & Hair Creation.

Maya to Adobe Substance Painter

A quick efficient method for taking Maya assets into Substance Painter & then into Unity.

Substance Painter for Gaming Assets

A neat little tutorial on Substance Painter & importing textures into Unity 2018.

Maya to MudBox

a great workflow - Let's add detailed textures to your 3D character.

Generating Edge Wear in Substance Painter

Let's discuss Substance Painter's awesome workflow for generating weathering and edge wear on a hard surface model.

Projection Mapping in Maya

An Introducion to projecting a high rez image onto a low rez surface..

Generating Hair for a 3D Character using X-Gen.

This tutorial shows an easy to set up hair system using Maya;s X-Gen system. (sorry no audio)

Generating a transparency map for an Arnold "AiStandard Shader".

This tutorial looks into opacity in Maya using the "transmission" channel.

UV-Unwrap a Complicated Object in Maya.

A great method for U.V Mapping a length of rope.

Substance Painter NORMAL MAP Painting.

A great method for paintng in details

Preparing an image for Maya in Photoshop

The applications I use throughout the development process can be found via the links provided above.
Check out the "Showcase" menu section of this web site if you to view some of my past students projects.

More to come

I plan in coming weeks to add more texturing tutorials to this page.
This page is an ongoing project...things are just hotting up.


I plan in coming weeks to add more tutorials to this page. If you have any thoughts or perhaps would like to collaborate on a track, simply message me.


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