Reactive Audio in VR

An exploration into Spatial Audio in VR

This page is currently set up to showcase my experimentation of spatial and reactive audio using applications such as Unity 2018 and 360 video footage that has been
shot on an Insta 360 Pro camera.

The following video blog entries are of my experimentation that culminates in not only the creation of realtime 360 videos embeded with spatial audio but in the spawning of an entirely new project. The development of a virtual film set that I forsee as being utilized by film students as a valuable training platform.
A massive percentage of our attention can be directed with audio cues, but a fully immersive experience requires spatial audio and not just cues.

Protoyping in Unity - Landscape V1 (360 video)

Twitch EDU (BobberWCC podcast theme) by Luster is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

SoundStage ported into Unity

A neat little intro to SoundStage recorded live within Unity 2018.

Reactive Audio - Landscape V2 (360 video)

An updated version of my protoyping in Unity an interactive 360 video showcasing an audio track by Luster.

A Rhythm Based VR Game

I plan to record myself against a green screen to showcase several popular rhythm based VR applications eg. Electronauts.

The failed GreenScreen Session

Laptop failure provided an opportunity for me to reflect on what cinematgraphy tools any budding film director requires in order to achieve that golden shot. I plan to make use of spatial audio queues within a virtual film set.

Virtual Film Set.

Steven Spielberg recently used a Virtual Film Set when directing the film Ready Player One.
Taking inspiration from Spielberg I plan to incoporate spatial audio into a V.R film set I currently have in development.

In my final video "Virutal Film Set" I showcase the protoyping phase of development that I hope may some day provide a valuable set of educational tools for any up and coming avid film directors.

The applications used throughout the development process of this project can be found via the links provided above.
Check out the Tutorials menu of this web site if you have an interest in learning more.