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Reactive Audio Testing Area.

Several 360 degree videos that I created in Unity 2018.

I plan to incoporate more reactive video tracks and as a stretch goal introduce spatial audio and ambisonics.

-- Testing Area --

Testing out several interactive 360 videos generated using Maya, Unity and SoundStage.

360 Video - Test #1

The implimentation of 360 scrolling to a Unity scene.(minus spatial audio)

360 Video - Test #2

A VR landscape. A quick GPU/CPU test. Note: I'll increase resolution shortly for full screen VFX.

Green Screen Studio #4

a 360 video I created after a failed attempt at recording myself in VR.

An interview - Test #5

An interview I cnducted - Early assessment for my Masters at Newcastle Uni.

Sound Stage in VR - Test #3

An Introducion to Sound Stage.

Recording audio via Electronauts - Test # 6

The following test showcases Electronauts (a rhythum based audio game).

More to come

I plan in coming weeks to add a playlist of 360 Videos to this page.
This page is an ongoing reactive audio project...things are just hotting up.


I plan in coming weeks to add more reactive experimeantal tracks to this page. If you have any thoughts or perhaps would like to collaborate on a track, simply message me.


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